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Other Services

At RiverWest Acupuncture, we believe that it takes a team of practitioners to care for our health.   Our World is so different than it was 50 years ago.  We have so much stimulus with the amount of information that is available to us on a moment by moment basis.   In some regards, it so much better because we know so much more.  On the other hand, we have to process soooo much more information, coming at us at a faster and faster pace.  It all takes it’s toll on our bodies.   We have created a network of practitioners that we have come to know and trust.  Some of them are co-located in the same space as us.  Others are part of our trusted network of practitioners that we refer to.  Read on about the other services that you can find here at RiverWest Acupuncture in Portland, OR.


Other Services - Sandy Stroh, Esthetician

Services include: Skin Care, Facial Rejuvenation and Waxing

To Schedule call 503-274-0260 or email at strohflowers@Comcast.net

Massage Therapists

Talor Lee-Stiles LMT (Sun-Wed)

Other Services; Talor Lee-Stiles LMT

To schedule;  Book online at www.tailoredbodywork.com

Leigh Jablonski-Wyenberg   LMT (Th, Fr)

 Other Services: Leigh Wyenberg LMT

To schedule call or text  541-990-4179 or email at lmt.leigh@gmail.com



Holistic Nutrition

Tracy Siegel, MPH, NTP


Other Services; Tracy Siegel Nutrition

To Schedule call 503.810.1791 or email tracy@purenutrition4you.com

Meditation Class

Other Services: Meditation

Melissa Mattern teaches Meditation every Monday from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.   All are welcome.  A $10 contribution is encouraged, but no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Yoga Class

Irene Bonn teaches yoga on Monday evenings.  All levels are welcome.  Class is from 6:30 – 7:45 pm.

To submit an inquiry to one of our professionals, email us at contact@riverwestacupuncture.com.
Have a question about acupuncture or some of our other services? Send us your question and we’ll get back to you shortly with a reply!

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