Our Team; 1 of Best Acupuncturist in Portland

1 of Top 2 Best Acupuncturist in Portland!

I am so excited and proud to have been named one of the top two best acupuncturist in Portland recently.   Our goal is to offer a unique healing experience to our patients.   We do this through the collaboration we enjoy with each other.  In addition, when our patients need it, we collaborate with other healers, so that you, our patient gets the best care possible.   Some of those healers are co-located with us here at RiverWest Acupuncture.   Others are practitioners that we have come to know and trust over our 22+ years in practice.   We feel we have a solid network to support our patients.

Best Acupuncturist in Portland

Lisa C. Francolini, L.Ac., Owner

Lisa is committed to rewriting the “50+ women are past their prime” story and empowering them to dream big and thrive through both physical and mental agility. After 20 years as a licensed acupuncturist, she is knowledgeable and passionate about helping her Peri-to-Post menopausal patients flourish in their later years.
Meet Lisa

Sheridan Horning acupuncturist in Portland Oregon

Sheridan Horning, L.Ac.

Sheridan specializes in treating the physical, mental, and emotional components of pain. When most people are in pain, it’s almost impossible for them to be as brilliant as this world needs them to be. “That is simply not OK on my watch!” explains Sheridan.
Meet Sheridan

CEO of best acupuncture clinic in Portland

Beverly Wells, CEO

Bev graduated with a BS in Computer and Information Sciences from Cleveland State University.  After serving five years in the United States Air Force, Bev moved to Portland.  She then spent 23 years working at her sister’s business in the world of phone systems, data networks and constantly changing technology.  In 2010, Lisa wanted to expand RiverWest Acupuncture.  She could not do that, and see her normal patient load.  Thus, Bev decided to join her to take care of the business end of the clinic. Her greatest thrill is to see a patient walk in with “issues” and walk out changed as a result of the work that the practitioners do here. Some patient stories have been so healing and transformative that they literally brought her to tears. She feels incredibly blessed to work in this environment, with her favorite person in the world, her wife, Lisa.

Tina Bullock

Tina Bullock, Creative Care Engineer

Tina has worked at RiverWest Acupuncture since 1999 and has enjoyed watching ‘alternative’ health care grow into an integral part of the healthcare system. She moved to Oregon and began working in the healthcare field after receiving her bachelor’s degree in psychology and Criminal Justice. Her intention is for each patient is to receive a knowledgeable, compassionate, and respectful experience with each visit. Tina’s personal interests include reading, digital photography and being with her cats.

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson, Dynamic Systems Solutions

As a “Native Oregonian”, Emily graduated from Linfield college in 2008 with a degree in Psychology and Studio Art. She has always been interested in human development from both a scientific and sociological perspective. In college, Emily worked on several research projects that examined the ways in which the representation of women in the media is changing how girls develop their sense of self. The more she learned, the more she recognized it is important to acknowledge people as dynamic individuals.  This rather than just a diagnosis or set of symptoms.

She says that it is truly exciting to finally work in a field and a clinic that puts such time and thought into providing individuals with the care they need to heal – emotionally and physically.  As she grows, Emily hopes to further pursue her passions in holistic nutrition, sassy jokes and cats.

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